About us

Our Origin: Founded in 2019, So Châteaux is a beacon for castle enthusiasts worldwide. Today, it proudly operates under the umbrella of Heritage Avenue, nestled in the historic heart of Europe - Transylvania, Romania.

Our Founder's Journey: Olivier Schweizer, the passionate mind behind So Châteaux, has been enamored with castles and their rich histories for decades. His expertise is rooted in his tenure as the director of two distinct châteaux in France, one in the picturesque Burgundy and the other in the vibrant Ile-de-France, near Paris. Olivier's passion for history was further enriched during his seven-year association with Jean-Louis Remilleux, the renowned French TV Producer behind "Secrets d'Histoire", France's most celebrated history show.

Our Values: At the heart of So Châteaux is a commitment to sharing authentic castle stories, narrated by the most credible voices - the castle owners themselves. We pride ourselves on the unparalleled quality of our content, ensuring every story, image, and video resonates with accuracy, depth, and the rich heritage of the castles we showcase.

Our Achievements: With over 100,000 subscribers across our two YouTube channels (one in French and one in English), our impact is undeniable. Our unique content has garnered over 12 million views, making us a trusted name in the realm of castle exploration.

What Sets Us Apart: So Châteaux stands unparalleled in its offerings. We are the sole platform presenting a series of French Château tours led by the owners themselves. Our commitment to accessibility is evident in our meticulous transcription and translation of each episode into at least eight languages, ensuring our global audience can immerse themselves in these tales. And, we're on the cusp of launching our brand-new service of English-dubbed videos.

Our Community: Our digital footprint is vast, with over 200,000 castle aficionados following So Châteaux on social media platforms.

Our Vision for the Future: Our aspirations are boundless. We aim to establish So Châteaux as the world's largest community for castle enthusiasts. With plans to launch a slew of new services and products in 2023-24, including a weekly newsletter, an exclusive membership community, and digital and printed guides in English, our journey has just begun. And soon, we'll be expanding our dubbed video services to other languages like Spanish and Portuguese, making history accessible to even more people around the world.

Join us in our quest to explore, celebrate, and preserve the stories of the world's most magnificent castles.